Capabilities Presentation - Custom Cable 20k sqft Wire Harness Custom ... Cable Wire Harness Assembly ... Heavy Gauge Cables Circular Connectors Custom Molds Assemblies

Download Capabilities Presentation - Custom Cable   20k sqft Wire Harness  Custom ... Cable  Wire Harness Assembly ...  Heavy Gauge Cables  Circular Connectors  Custom Molds  Assemblies

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Capabilities Presentation April 9, 2015 |1| INDUSTRY CHALLENGES TODAYS DYNAMIC BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT IS CREATING MORE CHALLENGES THAN EVER BEFORE Increase in competition Shortened delivery times & reduced inventory Demand for more complex products with higher quality and longer life Greater flexibility in manufacturing locations Lower production costs |2| ONE SOURCE MANUFACTURING SOLUTION: CYPRESS INDUSTRIES Cypress Industries offers a unique, innovative manufacturing business with exceptional customer service Aim is to deliver the best products, service and value in the industry Provide exceptional people, advanced ERP and quality systems, and the most efficient facilities in multiple countries Cypress Industries Goal is to be the preeminent value engineering manufacturer for custom cables, plastic and metal products, with an intense focus on customer and employee satisfaction. |3| HOW WE REACH YOUR GOALS LISTEN to customers and provide best customer experience in all markets served SOLVE manufacturing problems with superior value engineering capabilities, efficient & technically capable facilities, and quality products HELP provide design and value engineering assistance, shorten lead times, consolidate the supply-chain and reduce costs, |3| |4| BEST IN CLASS FACILITIES ISO 9001:2008 & UL certified manufac-turing plants in US, India and Asia Advanced ERP systems for efficiency, product quality, repeatability and material traceability US and China facilities mirror capabilities to allow flexibility in manufacturing locations Chinas 75,000 sqft facility in Dongguan benefits from Asia's lower cost structures US 30,000 sqft facility in Austin, Texas, ensures customers receive flexibility, engineering, sales support and best value India 20k sqft Wire Harness & Custom Cables |5| MANUFACTURING CAPABILITIES OVERVIEW Cable & Wire Harness Assembly Mil-Spec Cables, Circular Connectors, Overmolding Complex Harnesses, Hook-up wire, Multi-conductor Custom Cables, Overmolded Cables & Connectors Electro-Mechanical Assembly Controller Boxes, Box Builds, Small Assembly, Electromechanical Integration, Hi Pot, Functional Test Plastics Injection Molding Mold Tooling & Parts Metals Machining Electronics Assembly Plastic Injection Molding Metals |6| Custom Cables Over-molded Cables Metal Connectors Wire Harnesses Military Cables Custom Power Cables Discrete Wire Splices Ribbon cables RF, Co-Axial, Microwave D-Sub(9, 15, 25 etc) RJ45 (CAT5E & 6), RJXX Heavy Gauge Cables Circular Connectors Custom Molds & Assemblies CUSTOM WIRE HARNESS CABLE ASSEMBLIES |7| Custom solutions, Braiding, Box Builds, Complex Harnesses |8| 100% Quality All Facilities Full electrical test Continuity, shorts, cross-connects Ohm Resistance test Shielding Hi-Pot testing Pull Test Crimp Calibration Testing Optical Comparator, CMM Capabilities ISO and UL Certified IPC 620 Trained |9| CUSTOM WIRE HARNESS CABLE ASSEMBLIES |10| ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY SERVICES 30,000sqft Manufacturing in Austin, Texas 75,000sqft Manufacturing in China ISO Certified USA / ISO Certified China ITAR Certified USA UL Listed in USA and China Cable Assemblies, Wire Harnesses etc. Box Builds Preparation of Chassis, Wiring and PCBs Turnkey Product Builds and Packaging |11| PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING AND TOOLING 16 Injection Molding Presses in Texas 2- 1,000T/2-650T/400T//300T/ 2-230T/4-170T/100T /2-50T/ 35T 23 Injection Molding Presses in China 500 ton / 450 ton / 5 x 300 ton / 3 x 250 ton / 4 x 200 ton / 4 x 150 ton / 3 x 90 ton / 60 ton / 40 ton Machine Shop in Texas Specializes in quick-turn Tooling Modifications, Optimize Uptime Tool Shop in China In House Tooling for VERY large and complicated tools 17 x 13 |12| METAL FABRICATION Sand Casting Investment Casting Die Casting Aluminum Extrusion Stamping Forging Machining Plating, Paint, Heat Treating 18 x 14 10 x 10 |13| METAL FABRICATION Die Casting Investment Casting Sand Casting 18 x 25 |14| Cypress Industries Certifications Wiring Harness for Canada ZPFW8.E305599 Wiring Harness Component ZKLU2.E316302 Processed Wire for Canada ZKLU8.E316302 Processed Wire Component ZKLU2.E316302|15| CHOOSING CYPRESS INDUSTRIES AS MANUFACTURING PARTNER PROVIDE expert value engineering and DFM OFFER better service, response times and flexibility REDUCE overall costs and vendors in the supply chain because of broad product line and vast experience CREATE quality product and services at US and China manufacturing sites LISTEN to our customers and understand their needs


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