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Gamifying the ClassroomTAKE THE QUIZ:How many games have you played?Hide and SeekJacksMarblesHopscotchTug-of-WarANY Physical SportANY Card GameMonopolySorryRiskCheckersChessOthelloConnect FourLifeOperationClueTabooScattergoriesScrabbleANY Paper-based PuzzleTagUnoBattleshipDominoesYahtzeeTrivial PursuitPictionaryCandylandChutes & LaddersCatchphraseD & DPokemonANY SimsPac-manTetrisDonkey KongZeldaMystANY Marion Bros.TekkenSonic the HedgehogTic-Tac-ToeCentipedeTomb RaiderMortal KombatArea 51Crash BandicootResident EvilANY X-treme Sports Video GameHaloCall od DutyFroggerHalf-lifeDoomSpace InvadersGrand Theft AutoANY Racing GameAsteroidsQ-BertMadden NFLPortalWorld of WarcraftDiabloHangmanEverquestFinal FantasyElder ScrollsStarcraftStar WarsSkyrimAngry BirdsCandy CrushTrivia CrashTemple RunFlappy BirdMinesweepAssassins CreedMinecraftGuitar HeroPitfallWords with FriendsPongDoodle JumpSimon SezCut the RopeTAKE THE QUIZ:How many games have you played?0 20YOUNGLING21 - 42PADAWAN43 - 65JEDI KNIGHT66 - 86JEDI MASTERGames, games, and more gamesWhy GAMING in the classroom? I mean I really dont have the timewww.theesa.comDid you know.over the years of studies, scientists have actually proven that gaming has a positive effect on cognitive, motivational, emotional and social aspects of peoples lives! THEORY is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems and increase users self contributions. (Wikipedia)GAMIFICATIONGAMIFICATION IS EVERYWHERE BUT YOU MAY NOT REALIZE ITACTIVITYEach pair gets a baggie.Your task is to create a game using only what is in the baggie (NOT including the baggie!) that does not currently exist.What gaming elements can I implement in order to gamify my classroom?See success visualized incrementallyPROGRESSIONPROGRESSIONXP Points points earned that increase the expertise of the player in somethingLevels a natural or proper position, place, or stage in the gameProgression or Status Bar some kind of heads-up display that shows your current state at that timePROGRESSIONCLASSROOM EXAMPLESThink of leveling as mastery learning. Once a student masters a concept, chapter, or unit by collecting the required number of XP points, they level up to the next one. Students should not be allowed to work with new content until they have mastered the old.Students should always know what level they are, how many XP points they have, and how many XP points they need to level up. This can be done on paper or electronically with a spreadsheet program.PROGRESSIONCLASSROOM EXAMPLESStudents gain XP points for every correct assignment, assessment, product, etc. XP points should never be taken away. Students merely do not increase their XP points unless they get it done correctly. Once a threshold of XP points is met, a student will level up.Offer economy points for success on or completion of individual assignments that may be traded in for small rewards such as a pencil, sticker or preferred seating for a dayPROGRESSIONCLASSROOM EXAMPLESCreate a list XP point requirements such as you need xxxx points by the end of the 1st 6 weeks to get an A on your report card, xxxx XP points for a B, and so on.Feel pride in your work in the game or a sense of purposeINVESTMENT / OWNERSHIPINVESTMENT / OWNERSHIPQuest a mission with an objective that leads to rewardsAchievements a meta-goal defined outside of a games parametersRewards a thing given in recognition of ones service, effort or achievementLeaderboard a scoreboard showing the names and current scores of the leading competitorsINVESTMENT / OWNERSHIPEpic Meaning the belief that a player is working to achieve something great, awe-inspiring and bigger than themselvesINVESTMENT / OWNERSHIPCLASSROOM EXAMPLESMake every assignment a quest with a back story that deals with an ongoing theme or role. Perhaps students need to workout problems in order to unlock something or gain a clue for the next assignment.Set milestone achievements such as 100 homework assignments completed or acts such as voluntarily picking up trash around the class. Students can either get achievements or not. Have a rewards for achievements such as unique badges.INVESTMENT / OWNERSHIPCLASSROOM EXAMPLESRewards can be given out individually or as a group. Set a goal of 80% of the class meeting a set number of XP points. As a reward, give the class some free time, or a homework pass. Rewards can also be in the form of a study aid such as a cheat sheet or the answer to 1 test question.Stir up a little competition, boost morale and get students excited by showing them how the whole class is doing. If you want more collaboration, then post team scores instead.INVESTMENT / OWNERSHIPCLASSROOM EXAMPLESRelate quests to students interests thus making learning relevant and framed within a context of WHY this concept should be learned. For problem based learning, revolving the PBL around a service project works great.Give students rolesHave students keep journals to tell the story of the process and reflect upon itINVESTMENT / OWNERSHIPCLASSROOM EXAMPLESChallenge-based learning in which students create a product or initiative they care about and of their own choiceSelf-paced learning opportunitiesMake learning relevantUnlock information continuouslyCASCADING INFORMATIONCASCADING INFORMATIONBonus / Challenge a special event that only takes place sometimesInfinite Play learn continuously until you become an expert.Feedback Loop use feedback to self-correct or adjust by looking at the difference between the actual and desired resultsCASCADING INFORMATIONCLASSROOM EXAMPLESMake some project or homework assignments optional for extra XP points. The first time, perhaps only a few students will do it. But when the rest of the class sees the huge increase in XP points as a result, the reluctant ones may be more likely to complete the next ones.Allow students to fail, overcome, and persevere. Only in education do we mark a question wrong, take away points, and then move on to the next question and never look back.CASCADING INFORMATIONCLASSROOM EXAMPLESConstantly facilitate the learning in the classroom and provide feedback to students. This can be done through a quick dialogue.Use formative assessment oftenUse quick response technology such as PollEverywhere, Socrative, Infuse Learning, or PadletProvide timely feedbackFunFocusCompetitivenessCollaborationCamaraderieRetentionMeaningful ChoicesMasteryProductivityGAMIFICATION ENCOURAGESOptimismCreativity / ExplorationPersistenceRisk-takingAttention to detailProblem-solvingCritical thinkingEngagementIt becomes predictable and boringIt is poorly designed or seems meaninglessYou are not fair to all studentsYou reward students too soonStudents find ways to cheatFocus is too much on winning or being the bestHaving too complicated of a systemGAMIFICATION PITFALLSCLASSREALM EscobarSTEM Specialistsescobar@esc1.net956.984.6047CONTACT