Using Classroom Assesment to Improve Teaching

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Post on 10-Jun-2015




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Assessment as an instructional tool


  • 1. Kimberly Shifflett HorneOctober 12, 2014

2. Not just high stakes testing or competing forthe best grades Is used daily Focuses on what students know/need helpwith 3. The focus should shift from assessing whatthe students know to assessing in order toguide instruction 4. Teachers should understand the sub skillsand knowledge that students needs tosucceed Develop a lesson bank with other teachers Create formative assessments based ondifferent learning styles 5. Give students rubrics or checklists that showand explain how they will be assessed Include examples of work that is good andwork that needs improvement 6. Used daily by teachers-when used properlycan provide insight into students thinkingand reasoning 7. Should be timely, correct, and appropriate Should include how to improve NOT just if itis right/wrong 8. Assessment can be a great instructional toolto help teachers guide/change theirinstruction throughout the unit rather thanwaiting to assess at the end and have toremediate. Some ideas: Questioning, providingappropriate feedback, including students bygiving them examples, rubrics, and checklists


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